Australian Flowers

The wonderful Belinda from Alchemy recently asked me to be her test weaver! Belinda sells the most wonderful weaving kits and hand dyed yarns and I was delighted to be asked to test her new set ‘Australian Flowers’ aren’t they lovely! The colours are perfect! I was all ready to start this evening, however the washing machine in the flat above (massive leak) and my accountant had different ideas for how I was to spend my evening. Anyway, I cannot wait to start and I will post on here my finished result!! Thank you Belinda for asking me! Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Alchemy_weaving_02Bottom 2 images from Belinda (Alchemy)

A Shibori weekend

At the weekend I spent 2 lovely days learning the art of Shibori, Sashiko and Boro at the Sussex Prairie Gardens. I heard about it over on Debbie’s blog and it sounded perfect. Debbie went along with her mum and I went with my sister. The gardens are so so wonderful and it was such a pleasure to be able to wonder around in between all the folding and dyeing to have a look at the wild flowers, sculptures and the bee hives.

Shibori_class_02 Shibori_class_03 Shibori_class_04
We learnt many different techniques but really we were just encouraged to experiment. I didn’t end up doing much Sashiko (little stabs) which is the Japanese decorative stitching as I thought I would be able to do this at home. I live in a flat so I don’t have any outdoor space so I just took the opportunity to do as much of the Shibori dyeing as I could. I’m such a fan and I have already bought a home kit! Hopefully my parents won’t mind me decorating their garden with rows and rows of indigo dyed pieces of fabric!

Shibori_class_05 Shibori_class_06 Shibori_class_07

It’s been a long time…

I haven’t been posting for a while unfortunately, so I will just have to do an update using my Instagram, totally cheating I’m sorry. My work has been pretty full on and I really can’t wait to have a few days off to catch up with a few bits and bobs.

// A // lovely weekend spent learning how to do Shibori and Sashiko at the Sussex Prairies // B// My travel loom kit from We Make Collective, look out for my tutorial real soon // C // My samples from the Shibori class. I want to make a quilt with them all.

// D // I visited the The Handmade Fair on Friday and bumped into Geo Fleur and Zeena Shah. I also bagged myself a few goodies // E //A new coat that makes me look like a greengrocer // F // This amazing top from Beyond Retro, it doesn’t fit but I couldn’t resist the embroidery!

I’ve been meaning to start a newsletter which will go out with notices of my up and coming weaving classes and probably a bit about my DIYs, so if you are interested you can sign up here. I doubt they will be very often but just incase you were interested.

Have a lovely week!



I’ve been pretty busy making fake plants recently, there’s just something about it. This little beaut was a tutorial for the amazing Rachel from Oh No Rachio. Rachel was so patient with me as work has been a bit busy recently and along with my weaving classes (which have been great) I haven’t really had much spare time. You can pop over here to find out how to make it.

This was so much fun to make, my boyfriend massively helped out on this one. He designed and made the base for it all using his mega 3D and cardboard skills. This now sits in our living room along with all the other fake and real plants.