Weaving Wednesday

Weaving_wednesday_01Last night I taught a bunch of lovely ladies how to weave on the hottest day ever. River kindly asked if I would like to run a workshop at her pop up shop that she has for this week and I instantly said yes. I have been meaning to run a class down here in Brighton for awhile now and this was the perfect chance. We covered all the basics and in the space of 2 hours we managed to make 8 little weaves between us. They were all so cute! I’m hoping to run another one soon, will let you know!

Weaving_wednesday_02 Weaving_wednesday_03 Weaving_wednesday_04 Weaving_wednesday_05 Weaving_wednesday_06

Oh Croatia….

Croatia_holiday_01 Croatia_holiday_02 Croatia_holiday_03 Croatia_holiday_04 Croatia_holiday_05 Croatia_holiday_06 Croatia_holiday_07 Croatia_holiday_08 Croatia_holiday_09We had a wonderful time. The colours! The sun! The sea! The colour of the sea was just so pretty. We stayed in a little town called Plat, there wasn’t much to do there. We did get the sea taxi over to Dubrovnik old town and to Cavtat. Such beautiful old buildings. I want to go back and explore more please.


A small weaving workshop

Next Wednesday I will be teaching a small class of people how to teach weaving. We will only be covering the basics and you will get to take home a mini loom with a few bits and pieces to get you started. Along with a instructions leaflet with all the bits and bobs you will need to know. If you would like to come then please put your name down here, there are only 6 spaces so be quick x


A bit of holiday blues inspiration


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I have just come back from a week in Croatia and feeling really inspired. I am sad to be home but excited to be ready to make some things. I managed to fill a fair few pages in my sketchbook of ideas and can’t wait to get started. I’ll be back with a photo diary of my little week away, I’m also putting together a few posts about my America/Japan trip that I did last year. Think it’s about time.

Blogtacular 2015

I recently had my 30th birthday and my group of University friends have a tradition for this birthday where they all put some pennies together and buy that specific special person an extra special gift. For mine they bought me a ticket to Blogtacular, which I cannot thank them enough for! Thank you! I had been wanting to go since I heard about it last year and was sad to have missed it, I think there might have been a been a tip off from my boyfriend but it came as such a nice surprise. We soon started receiving emails about the day as it started getting closer and I was one of the lucky ones who got chosen to go on the Photowalk in the morning before the conference. It did mean a very early start but it was so worth it. Xanthe held the walk along the Southbank and it was such a great chance to meet some other great bloggers before you got thrown into the crazy world of Blogtacular. Above is a picture of some of the bits from the wonderful goody bag we all got to take away. All the photos below are from the walk, unfortunately I didn’t get much of a chance to take any pictures in the conference. But check out the colours!!!!

I was really nervous the night before and I didn’t really sleep (thinking I would miss my alarm) but as soon as I got up there I realised I wasn’t the only one! Conversation flowed as we all had the great thing of blogs in common so we just knew where to start. I thought I would do a round up of the day in small sections below of what I took away!

Opening Keynote – Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge
I’ve been a big fan of Grace’s blog for a long time now, I think I am not the only one (!!!) and it was such a treat to hear her talk about her career and how she has got to where she is today. It was refreshing to hear about her fears and she got all of us to write down our 3 fears and to chat to someone about 1 of them on the day. She talked about the best 5 ways to get past these fears; 1. Acknowledge, 2. Investigate, 3. Plan, 4. Execute, 5. Reassess and Redefine. And then of course, ‘tell people about it’ I really love that! Don’t be afraid to promote. She also told me I had great trousers on so that was pretty ace.

Full Time Blogging – Francesca Stone of Fall For DIY
I don’t think this is where I want to go with my blog but I found Francesca’s talk about her experience with full time blogging really useful. Being freelance anyway I thought it ties in really nicely. She talked about having the drive to blog, which I think we all struggle with. Well I certainly do and one thing I came away with yesterday is to try and sort that out. Consistent quality over a consistent schedule. She also said a great thing ‘There’s always going to be someone with more followers!’ Yep.

Blogtacular_2015_03 Blogtacular_2015_04
Grow Your Audience Panel – Cate Sevilla, Elizabeth Muhmood Kane, Kristabel Plummer, Sam Baker
This panel of bloggers were chatting about building more of an audience and giving tips on how to go about that. I found this really useful as they all had different ways of going about it and then they discussed with each other the pros and cons. One of the ladies said ‘You cannot fake it, slow and steady’ so true.

Creating Community – Igor Josifovic and Judith De Graaf of Urban Jungle Bloggers
I think this was my favourite talk of the day, these guys were so great to listen too. They have such passion for what they do and from listening to their talk I have no idea how they fit it all in, blogging, full time work, their own blogs and having a life. I don’t think I can complain about having too much to do now! I’m a big fan of their joint blog and am definitely going to get more involved with what they do from now on!

Styling with Betty Magazine
I’ve always been interested in magazine styling and I thought this would be a great opportunity to go and see/hear the behind the scenes from the 2 Charlottes themselves from Betty Magazine. They had some great tips, for example, keep backgrounds similar, be inspired from a mood board, create a story in your images and think about where your images will be ending up. After the talk we all went and had a go with our own little styling shoot. They had many many props and we got to choose which ones we wanted to style.

Closing Keynote – Ink and Pixels, Anthony Peters of Imeus
The closing talk was from Graphic Designer Anthony Peters, I instantly recognised his work and it was great to hear from someone who is in the same profession as I am. He talked about his film that he has produced called Made You Look which I am really excited to see when it comes out in October. I am definitely keeping an eye out. I think everyone should too!

After getting over the initial fear of talking to a bunch of real life strangers, not the virtual kind that happens a lot with the blogging world, I really did have a great day. I met so many great people, a bit too many to mention but it was so nice to hear people had heard of my blog too. I came home buzzing with ideas and motivation for my blog. I was planning on writing these all down on my way home but I fell asleep on the train so that will have to wait for my holiday next week. Thanks again ace Uni friends! xx