Saturday in objects

Saturday_object_01 Saturday_object_02 Saturday_object_03 Saturday_object_04 Saturday_object_05 Saturday_object_06 Saturday_object_07 Saturday_object_08
1 // new pots for a weekend tutorial (£1 each!)
2 // a weaving in progress
3 // new summer evenings jacket
4 // my Pops made me a large loom, it’s taller than me!
5 // waiting to be used
6 // a new weaving fork and necklace from Have Company
7 // shop prep
8 //  afternoon reading

We Make Collective

I recently met Fran from Fall for DIY when I went to Blogtacular in June. I went to see her talk about blogging full time and I really warmed to her. She is such a talented lady and I felt really inspired by her motivation and her love for craft. I nervously went up and said hi to her at lunch and we swapped business cards, that kind of thing. She recently got in contact in regards to her new exciting project We Make Collective. We Make Collective is an online community and a place for learning new skills through a monthly subscription kit. Here’s a bit more about the collective:

At We Make Collective we believe in learning through a creative lifestyle. We believe in experimenting and embracing our differences. That’s why our monthly subscription kits are not designed to make a single item, but to enable you to learn a technique and use your individuality to create something unique. We’re also bringing together the best bloggers to show you an array of exclusive skills each month.

I’m so excited to be one of the bloggers that will be contributing to We Make Collective and I can’t wait to get started! It would be so great to support We Make Collective and if this is something that you would love to do then you can find out more on the Kickstarter page here.

Images from the We Make Collective Instagram.


Peculiar Vintage – Brighton

I recently stumbled upon Peculiar Vintage which is an independent shop that has opened up in Brighton. I was trying to find a UK stockist of the amazing Ruby Pilven jewellery (pictured above) and when I saw the ladies from Super+Super and What You Sow sporting it I definitely had to take a visit. Stef from Peculiar Vintage was really lovely and agreed to a little interview and a snoop around her shop, her jewellery is just as lovely and I cannot wait to visit again!

Tell us a bit about your brand/shop Peculiar Vintage? Does it have a concept?
The brand and shop is all about 100% handmade labour of love pieces only. I’ve curated the shop to reflect independent craftsmanship with styles that will interest people who are looking for stand-out pieces that will last. There are organic shapes, contemporary design, different techniques and materials to suit customers who already have a great jewellery pallet.

Who would you collaborate with if you could? Only hypothetically, so it could be some great figure from the past even, or someone close to you.
I’d love to collaborate with another creative outside of the jewellery industry. Maybe Twigs – she’s incredibly forward thinking in the music industry from dance to costumes to music videos – I’m sure she could translate that into jewellery and the result would be as fabulous as she is.

On a slightly more personal note, do you have any favourite objects or other things, daily rituals, things you’re particularly interested in at the moment?
My evening obsession at the moment is the series The100 and trying to to clean eat from Monday to Friday. Hemsley and Hemsley are good for the latter.

What is your studio like?
My studio is at the back of the shop, it small and messy, but I love it. I can see the world go by on Baker Street.

What have you got planned next for Peculiar Vintage?
I am working on a collection at the moment. Aunty Entity from the original madmax is my inspiration. You can see a taste of it here. I hope to bring it out after the summer… so watch this space.

Thanks so much Stef for answering my questions! If you are in town you should go have a look! 
Address 36 Baker Street | Brighton | BN1 4JN | East Sussex 

A mini rug

I finished this last night and I’m so pleased how it came out. It’s a lot bigger than expected and I learnt a fair bit when making this one. I think I just love how weird it looks on the wall. It took a lot longer to create than a normal weave and way more wool so I don’t think I will be making too many of these. However I might make a few smaller ones for the weaving classes I am teaching that are coming up. It’s good to show the different types of things you can create on a lap loom.

Tassle_weave_02 Tassle_weave_03 Tassle_weave_04
This is the back ^^^ looks just as good as the front! If you fancy learning any of these weaving skills I have a few classes coming up here.