91 magazine is here!

91_magazine_peas_and_needles_01 91_magazine_peas_and_needles_02 91_magazine_peas_and_needles_04 91_magazine_peas_and_needles_03
Its here! I”m so proud of this magazine! After many hours and many emails with the 91 magazine team we have created the most beautiful magazine! I am so proud to say that I designed this little publication and its such a delight to see it in the flesh! The ladies that I worked with on the magazine were such a delight to work with I am already looking forward to the next issue!

If you would like to buy a copy, pop over to the 91 magazine website and you can purchase it there.

Bright little thing

Peas-and-Needles-for-We-Make-Collective_03 Peas-and-Needles-for-We-Make-Collective_04
A week of working on new tutorials for various people. This bright little thing was for We Make Collective. If you pop on over you will be able sign up and subscribe then you get to view all tutorials for free. I really love the colours of the polymer clay I got sent, they remind me of Summer!


A round of new pots

I have been attending pottery classes on a Friday night now and its my major highlight of the week. I literally cannot get enough of making silly wonky pots. I am trying to include my ceramics into my weaving so keep an eye out for that. I am so excited about this little project!

New_pots_peas_and_needles_06 New_pots_peas_and_needles_05

Whats been going on…

Peas-and-Needles-for-We-Make-Collective_01I haven’t had much time to blog recently! My graphics work has been rather busy and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down which is great! But it does mean there is less time for this bit of space. Which I find rather frustrating at times but its ok, there will be plenty of time to blog soon I hope. I have also been so so busy designing the new issue of 91 Magazine which will be out in May! You can go buy your copy here, that would be marvellous! So many wonderful ladies have been working really hard, mostly into the night to create this little publication.

Peas-and-Needles-for-We-Make-Collective_02I have also been working on this tutorial for We Make Collective. This was created using a lino stamp I made and then I sewed a nice pouch together to hold all my weaving tools. I can’t wait to create next months tutorial which is Polymer clay! You can buy your subscription here if you fancy it.

weaving-workshopsAlso lastly, so many new weaving classes coming up! I have a few next week which have limited tickets left so if you live in the Guildford, Brighton or London area you are in luck! Please see the link above for more info! I am also running a night next week in Brighton with Finola from Pop Up Pottery at the Joker. Its called Makers Market and there will be taster weaving sessions, pop up pottery and loads of craft fairs! Please pop by !

Thats enough plugging for one night.