I’ve been pretty busy making fake plants recently, there’s just something about it. This little beaut was a tutorial for the amazing Rachel from Oh No Rachio. Rachel was so patient with me as work has been a bit busy recently and along with my weaving classes (which have been great) I haven’t really had much spare time. You can pop over here to find out how to make it.

This was so much fun to make, my boyfriend massively helped out on this one. He designed and made the base for it all using his mega 3D and cardboard skills. This now sits in our living room along with all the other fake and real plants.


Saturday in objects

Saturday_object_01 Saturday_object_02 Saturday_object_03 Saturday_object_04 Saturday_object_05 Saturday_object_06 Saturday_object_07 Saturday_object_08
1 // new pots for a weekend tutorial (£1 each!)
2 // a weaving in progress
3 // new summer evenings jacket
4 // my Pops made me a large loom, it’s taller than me!
5 // waiting to be used
6 // a new weaving fork and necklace from Have Company
7 // shop prep
8 //  afternoon reading